Telephone Policy


All inmates in the Marion County Jail will have reasonable private access to a telephone.  Telephones placed in the housing units are charge phones with a rate set by the phone vendor, chargeable to the person being called for a maximum amount of time being 15 minutes.  Long distance phone calls will be unlimited and will be charged to the person being charged at the prevailing rates.

All inmate telephone conversations will be of a private nature.


  1. Phone service will be available in housing units from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  2. Local calls will be at a rate set by the phone vendor.
  3. Long distance calls will be at prevailing rates as set by the telephone company.

Note: No inmate will be allowed to use the County business phone unless approved by Sheriff or Jail Administrator.  The unavailability of a party to receive collect calls from our inmate phone service is not a justifiable reason.