Corrections Division

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Houses 118 Inmates
Average Daily Population: 67
Average Population of Males: 58
Average Population of Females: 9

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The Mission of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the Marion County Jail as mandated by state statutes, is to provide a safe, secure, and cost-effective facility for confining adult males and females who have been sentenced for detention by the Courts of Marion County, as well as persons for whom it has been determined by the Courts of Marion County that they be incarcerated pending adjudication, mental evaluation, parole revocation, or transfer, in lieu of appearance bond, or other pre-trial release arrangements.

The Marion County Jail is governed by the values of the community, as well as any applicable state standards or Court decisions, in order to insure the proper and humane treatment of inmates. Also, to protect the inmates’ constitutional rights, protect the safety of jail visitors, other civilians, and staff and to provide protection for the community from the potential danger presented by those persons incarcerated, and to provide secure housing for sentenced inmates until the termination of their sentence, release by the courts, or transfer to a state facility.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department provides policies and procedures which reinforce the skills and safety of the staff, which provide programs and services which are designed to establish positive and constructive attitudes among the inmates that helps insure that an inmate will not leave the facility upon completion of incarceration in worse condition or state of mind than when admitted. The facility will strive to meet all state standards for state certification, utilizing all available community resources and maintaining good relations with the press and public.

Sergeant Tammy McAlpin
Jail Administrator
Sergeant Tammy McAlpin came to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department in January, 2003, as a corrections officer.  She remained there until August, 2005, when she was promoted to Administrative Assistant.  Sergeant McAlpin accepted her current position of Jail Administrator in April, 2006.  Her duties involve efficient operation of the Marion County Jail through planning, organizing, and directing activites.

Sergeant McAlpin’s work also involves consulting with the Tennessee Department of Corrections to ensure effective and efficient correctional services.  Supervision of the division is exercised directly or through subordinate supervisors over all employees in the department.  All work is performed under administrative direction of the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.

Sergeant McAlpin has considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of modern corrections, organization, administration, and methods. She has the ability to deal decisively and courteously with subordinates and the public.  Sergeant McAlpin is skilled in the use of a variety of weapons and specialized equipment used in corrections operations, including O.C., pepperball, and TAZER deployment.  She has successfully completed FTO basics.

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